SOLD•LITTLE SANDYis a naturally irridescent golden blonde. The body is 57mm at the grill and only 41mm long, providing a very compact taper contoured for right-handed grip. The body is crafted from an ancient wood native to a small area of Tasmania (now protected in habitat) and is commonly known as HUON PINE or MACQUARIE PINE. Altho the tree is a conifer, it is not a true pine. It is LAGAROSTROBOS FRANKLINII -a singular species. Verified as one of the longest living lifeforms on earth, you'd go blind counting the growth rings on this beauty. "LITTLE SANDY" weighs in at a featherweight 3.8 oz. It's powered by an ASTATIC MC-151 crystal element. Appointments include Grill in Goldrush Gold with two stage screen of silk and wire mesh, end-mounted vintage gold "bell knob" volume control, and vintage spring-loaded thread-on output connector.
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